Goldstar/BlackDog boats

 Hi All

In the process of listing my 6m Westerberg for sale [ links etc up soon] ..Looking at options for my next venture, probably building one from scratch.. Interested to here any feedback on either Goldstar, Bullet or Blackdog Ali boats Pinjara. Hoping someone on FW may have one or has a mate who does.  Would love another Westerberg, but a bit out of my budget.

FYI- id be looking at a  6.2-6.4m, possibly Centre Cab or traditional Semi-hardtop/runabout  style. Will be a raw Ali finish etc.etc.


I am an avid Ali guy been down here on the Sth am well aware of the 'hard riding' and 'banging' of an Ali....can't beach Lauch fibreglass where we go.


Happy to hear any comments or feedback on any others. Advice from fellow fisho's is always appreciated and taken on board


FYI- i still can't seem to use the search function...hence why the questions



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We have a 6.5m Blackdog

Wed, 2018-07-18 16:41

We have a 6.5m Blackdog centrecab/walk-around, launched early 2012 and put on ~750hrs on it, including 4 trips to the Montes & a couple to the Abrolhos.

All boats are a compromise but I really like it, it does everything we want it to. No plans to sell it for a while. Always felt safe in it and never had it broach. The chines can bang a bit if the swell/chop is coming from the side but trims tabs reduced that a lot.

It is big for a 6.5m and I like the layout, heaps of rear deck space and the front deck isn't too raised so feels safe fishing from the bow. I notice the newer ones he is doing have a slightly different layout.