Good As Friday

How good is it when a plan comes together. With the weather looking good and leave pass from the misses a mate and I headed out from Freo with a plan to have some fun on Salmon, and hopefully a snapper or two. Arriving at Leeuwin ramp at 7 we were lucky to be one of the last in before the car park was too full. My mate hadn’t caught a Salmon for a long time so the plan we to get him on to one early then move out deeper. We were pretty pumped heading out between the heads with a light easterly blowing and all day to hit the water (too rare an opportunity these days) Arriving at “the spot” it was absolute mayhem. I remember some chaos chasing Salmon around Mewstones last year but this was another level. Either way, I wanted to make it a sure thing he got one, so we snuck in for a couple. First fish was pretty funny as we both hooked the same fish. After that we went for another drift and he got one solo. Happy days, we got that ticked of the list. With all the chaos we decided a move off was wise and headed out to the five fathom to chase Snapper. Arriving we saw birds working everywhere and big schools of Salmon busting up. Old mate was keen to chase the Salmon but I insisted we give the pinkies a try. Arriving out our spot around 9:30am we went for a couple of drifts for nothing. We decided to anchor up and see if we could bring em around with burley. Once the burley was in the water it didn’t take long for a couple of pinkies to hit the decks. Soon the salmon moved in again and after landing a few of these it seemed the pinkies had moved off and we decided to head in. If only every Friday was a day off!


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 Nice work, love it when a

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 Nice work, love it when a plan comes together 


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