First time catching salmon from a boat!

solo run today, came home with 3 squid & 3 decent sized salmon!  

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 Great to see you have some

Thu, 2017-04-13 16:32

 Great to see you have some crab bait for the Easter period. lol

Happy Easter.


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We make fish cakes happy

Thu, 2017-04-13 18:43

We make fish cakes 

happy easter....

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 They go alright in fish

Thu, 2017-04-13 18:45

 They go alright in fish cakes. well done


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100 percent agree

Thu, 2017-04-13 18:48

 Fish cakes and salmon mint

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Any fish cake recipes

Fri, 2017-04-14 00:06

 Any chance you can pass on some fish cake tips/recipies 

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Fri, 2017-04-14 09:33

Yep , its a long running thing , are salmon good to eat or not?

Some people say no , others like my self are happy to go along with there opinion so theres more for me!

Seriously they can make a great meal , with a bit of effort , heres our 3 favorite ways , level of complexty first.



Fish cakes,

Boil up same amount of potatoe as weight of salmon , lightly fry salmon , remove any dark bits (blood ) as it cooks. ( cook until salmon falls apart)

Mix  mashed potatoe and salmon in large bowl, then add sprinkle of parsley , very good squirt of tomato sauce , and throw in a egg or two to help bind.

Shape into cakes, roll in egg/milk mix and roll in breadcrumbs of choice. Place in fridge to firm up up for maybe a hour , then deep or shallow fry to brown.



Place clean fillets into brown sugar brine for at least 1 hour , then cook in those small hot smokers from tackle shops, using a light flavoured sawdust to taste.( sheoaks nice)


2 minute Salmon nuggets ( my own creatation)

Cut fresh salmon into nugget sized pieces, roll in seasoned flour like tadaco, and then deep fry for maybe 2 minutes at most in as hot as oil as you can get,

I use a small cast iron camp oven outside on a gas bbq ring , the cast iron really gets that oil crackling.

Cheers, and no salmon dont make good eating, myth confirmed! ha.





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 They are good to eat, but

Fri, 2017-04-14 12:54

 They are good to eat, but its  not a fish you can bake or just slab and cook. Once skinned and all red meat cleaned off small panko crumbed salmon nuggets are good, gut and ice the fish straight away tho. I find it funny when people say i loooove a feed of herring but cant stand salmon. They are pretty much the same. Not the best to eat but can taste good with a bit of care. A good beer batter works a treat too.


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 Aha so true! With a bit of

Sun, 2017-04-16 14:57

 Aha so true! With a bit of effort they both can be realy good, you've already put in the effort of finding and catching them, why not have a good feed out of it too? Makes no sence! Aha


one day a mulloway! 

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 G'dayNice catch, BIG

Fri, 2017-04-14 15:39


Nice catch, BIG salmon.

Salmon are one of my favourite fish to eat, but only the smaller ones, perhaps up to 50cm.

Skin on fillets, cooked in a hot pan like you would a steak, a large slab of butter before cooking each side with the pan hot enough to brown the butter, don't be shy, a bit of smoke is good.   Very nice, crispy skin, browned and flaking flesh, mmmm.

 Cooked it this way for once for a restauranteur and he said it was the best fish he had ever had.



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Do similar to quad fisher

Fri, 2017-04-14 19:07

 50/50 salmon to potatoes . Parsley onion sweat corn baby peas. Make into balls . Then shape ( in Panko bread crumbs). I boil salmon . Let set in fridge for hour . Shallow fry .turn once . Absolutely mint. Nothing wrong at all for dinner. Bit of tomato sauce on top,side salad . Yumo