Green Head LB Any Good?

Getting back into things after a long absence and I was thinking of trying land based somewhere between Jurien and Green Head over Easter. Happy to put in some hours for something toothy or scaley.

Any decent stretches of beach recommended? I might also throw the kayak on the roof of the 4x4 to get out and fish if conditions permit.

Also is camping tolerated through there these days? Certainly won't be leaving ANY rubbish or damaging the environment. 




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No Camping

Tue, 2012-04-03 18:57

 Hey there,

As far as I know - there is only camping allowed at Sandy Cape or Point north of Jurien - it is a free or minimal fee site. You would have to get there early to get a spot over Easter though I would imagine. The rest of the land between Jurien and Green Head is leased by mining and monitored for camping. Family friends of ours who know the guy with the lease have even been declined a camp...and we have been camping there for 30 years as a family and these friends 


You should do well with the fishing though if it is not too windy!!!


Good luck...

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Sandy Cape

Tue, 2012-04-03 21:11

Sandy Cape is the only spot you can camp legally in the area. You do need to book a site there as well - but I would agree with FishNChick - it is probably booked out for easter. As far as fishing in the area - it is definately worth getting on the sand at the back beach at Greenhead and going for a drive. Finding a nice gutter and soaking a bait can be productive. I have read about mulloway being pulled in the area, in addition to tailor, sharks and plenty of big flappers.

From my personal experience fishing the stretch of coast between Lancelin and Dongara - my preferences for a safe place to camp (not necessarily legally) would be Wedge or around Hill River. Going further north have a look into spots accessible just north of Greenhead, or still further north Coolimba.

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Wed, 2012-04-04 13:52

Thanks for the info FishNChick and Buschy. Very useful! Sandy Cape sounds a little too busy for me so I'm reconsidering. I might look at north of Wedge somewhere as  I can remember catching some decent fish there years ago. Or, might just explore and move around like a bit.