GT popping and jigging up north

Hi guys,

Just have a few questions regarding a future trip that I will be doing up north.

I am looking at the gear I have so far and trying to decide what setups to bring up there / or upgrade.

I'm thinking of taking 3 setups only.


A heavy popping outfit Catalina 6500H with Pe8 braid and my Saltist Pe8.

A heavy jigging outfit Saragossa 20k with pe8 braid and Saltiga jigging rod pe8.

A lighter casting outfit Saragossa 10k with pe5 braid and tcurve offshore pe3-5 rod.

Maybe a light jigging outfit Saragossa 5k with pe3 braid and a pe3 jigging rod.


My questions are ... Is my GT popping / stickbaiting outfit too light ? Do I need to upgrade my reel and get a 8000 dogfight ? Or do i just need to put Pe10 braid on my catalina 6500H which is already bulky with 30kg of drag ?  Do I also need to get a pe10 rod ? or would my daiwa saltist do the job. Obviously I am not going to Oman but I don't want to be undergeard.

In terms or using smaller 100g jigs around the reefs, can I still jig with that heavy outfit ? Or should I get something a lot lighter for smaller jigs ?

Should I be bringing a backup popping outfit aswell ?


I will be casting the usual FCP CSP stickbaits, heru cuberas etc ... 



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 Where are you fishing?

Fri, 2018-05-18 07:45

 Where are you fishing?


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Where are you going

Fri, 2018-05-18 09:45

 The gear you have sounds fine depending on where you are going i would defs bring the pe 3 combo though as you might end up using it the most 

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 Yep what dodgy said would

Fri, 2018-05-18 08:12

 Yep what dodgy said would make a difference.

I assume with that gear you are not going to be targeting any demersals?


My last trip to monties IJigged with pe3 gear and 5000 shimano reel. Up to 100m no probs

Stickbaits and poppers with pe 5 10000 shimano. (But didnt do a lot of this)


Persoally think that unless specificly targeting doggies or big tuna jigging the 20000 pe8 is insane overkill




Money doesn't buy happiness but it pays for my fishing so ...I may be wrong there.

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 I will be fishing around the

Fri, 2018-05-18 08:12

 I will be fishing around the Whitsundays and surroundings boys 

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 Will also be heading out

Fri, 2018-05-18 08:12

 Will also be heading out wide to the reefs 

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 Cant see 100g jigs on pe8

Fri, 2018-05-18 08:18

 Cant see 100g jigs on pe8 gear working at all.  But see you are looking at whitsundays......have never fished there so pretty unsure


Money doesn't buy happiness but it pays for my fishing so ...I may be wrong there.

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 your gear is perfectly fine.

Fri, 2018-05-18 08:19

 your gear is perfectly fine.  

"if" you decided to start throwing 180G poppers in deep water then a pe10 rod might be worthwhile (but only if you did a few trips a year) 

Your 6500h would handle pe10 anyway (the 8000 is for long running tuna not a GT that doesn't run far) 

Yes take a light jigger.  Pe3 is brilliant for trout and red emperor etc (I use pe2 and it's great fun) 

Get a regular GT fisherman to have a look at your rod..  Most off the shelf rods are stickbait rods (soft in the tip) and will tire you out trying to work poppers bigger than 100G. 

If your fishing shallow water take more stickbaits and skipbaits than poppers.  Narrow mouth poppers are good in shallows 

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I won't be throwing anything

Fri, 2018-05-18 08:50

I won't be throwing anything over 150g , I am pretty sure about that .

I know myself though and I know I will not be using my light gear, I'm all about catching big fish and i'll cast that stickbait all day long if I have too until something smacks it ... I have almost 0 interest about little species , BUT saying that it's good fun between tides.

so Catalina 6500H with PE10 and a PE8 Daiwa Saltist Rod it is then ... Still scary though ! Hopefully it's enough ! 

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 here in dampier we use

Fri, 2018-05-18 09:15

 here in dampier we use everything from pe4 - 10 

But there are not many area where the pe10 is truly needed.  Most fish can be landed on pe6 with a good driver at the wheel.  Pe8 is a great around combo that can deal with 35-40kg fish pretty well (they will still run hard, but they are going to run hard on pe10 anyway as your max drag will be about 15kg) 

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 Im a couple hours north of

Sun, 2018-05-20 04:59

 Im a couple hours north of the whitsundays and fish the reef when I can. Unless you're going a 130odd km out then you'll be fishing under 70m of water (more than likely under 30m around the reefs). 

Up here my three most used combos are a 5000 sustain with pe 3 and a pe2-3 rod. Mainly my light fun combo for jigs 80-120ish grams, i run a good 3m or so of 60lb leader and land more fish than I loose. 

An avet 5.8 with pe5 and a 3-5 rod. Good for jigs between that 100-200g range (fished 350g jigs on it for hapuka back in Albany no dramas) Not as much fun as the lighter gear on the usual trout etc but gets pulled out in the deeper water or if the sharks start to move in. 

And a 10000 spheros with pe 5 and 3-6 rod for stickbaits and poppers to 100g. Light enough to throw around for a few hours straight and will still land some decent fish, most of the gts Ive seen up here are between the 5-15ish kg range so not overly huge. 


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 only experiecne i have on GT

Mon, 2018-05-21 16:36

 only experiecne i have on GT s is the Rowley shoals on charters as game guide

Chucking BIG sticks 

u gotta stop em quick otherwise they reef u

or u too long in the wash zone and get the boat on the bricks 

i have used a stella 8000 with a bigger spool -1400 or 1600 cant remember

worked ok 

my catalina 4500 is my choice light enough to go all day - with enough drag- 

anything with about 12- 15 kg drag is good enough

m8 stopped an absolute beast on this outfit- a BIG dog tooth and 2 sailies

short from going  to Osprey reef in QLD i dont know where u gonna find big enough GTs  in QLD tho ;p
the Rowleys m8