Helmet foggin up

 Hey all 

I've just got back into riding a motorcycle to work, I now wear glasses behind the visor but geeze it fogs up quick anyone know of an easy way to eliminate this dangerous situation cheers 




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Antifog visor insert

Fri, 2018-07-20 06:32

Silicone spray glasses and visor,buff off with a microfibre, crack the the visor open, when all else fails stop breathing.

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 Do you mean your Visor or

Fri, 2018-07-20 12:54

 Do you mean your Visor or your glasses? If its your glasses try pulling them just a fraction further way from your face when you are wearing then under your helmet. If its your helmet, no idea. Mine has an anti-fog lens/thingi fitted on the inside of the visor so it has never fogged up. Also open the vents on the helmet if you havent already done so. 

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 I used to leave my visor

Fri, 2018-07-20 13:29

 I used to leave my visor cracked a touch. 


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