help wanted wiring up a raymarine e series

  I purchased a  e series raymarine sounder recently ,but a little confused on wiring has seatalk and dsm box

i have been looking online but getting totally confused.Is there any raymarine gurus out there that can help me out

Cheers Rob

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 Raymarine use the sea talk

Sat, 2016-04-02 16:11

 Raymarine use the sea talk system as means to connect all and any raymarine devices on a boat to one other. It is basically a common backbone that has leads coming off it (Spurs). The backbone needs its own 12v power supply from one of the spurs which can be taken from a spare breaker or fuse on board. So in your case a spur will go to the sounder and dsm and the other will be a 12vdc supply. Not sure if you have the backbone kit with it but some marine stores sell them.  If I have confused you more feel free to pm or call.


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