Herron Point

If Ya thinking of going to herron point crabbing might pay to give it a miss .Had to be around 40 people there scooping.

Took the boat there but to windy. Plenty of Under size

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 I used to go there heaps

Sun, 2017-01-08 11:56

 I used to go there heaps camping with my family as a youngster and do quite well with the crabs. Unfortunately the last time I went with a couple of mates, its now people camping on top of one another and the crabbing was dismal to say the least. Was really disappointing

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 Given up on Herron as well.

Wed, 2017-01-11 13:23

 Given up on Herron as well.  I'm way better off hustling my local Canning River spot that produces consistently.

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Wed, 2017-01-11 17:50

Went out for a whiting pop this morning and there was plenty of scoopers out the front of the serpentine, spoke to a fair few when going past and none had any luck yet. I only saw 1 decent crab while walking the flats glad I didn't take the scoop out!  

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How did you go with the yellow fin

Wed, 2017-01-11 22:40

I've found them to be a bit thin on the ground so far, I can't say whether it's from the massive caning they are getting by the netters or by the cold water.