Hillarys + Ocean Reef.

Loads of herring around in the mornings at the mo. Even got 3 on a Lazer 15g.

Occasional 40cm gardie is also a possibility.

The wind can be a pain.

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Wed, 2007-01-03 11:28

Hi mate i frequently go down to hillaries to toss a few lures around and i find that the south wall holds good numbers of tailor ranging from choppers up to 45cm and are quite fat. I only catch and release them most of the time unless i get a good one but its great fun. Halco twistys in 30gms, raiders in 20 to 40gms and mainiacs in 17gms i find are the best and on 4 pound line and a 20 pound leader its pretty entertaining ( i havent been bitten off yet but you can use 40 pound). Try the late evenings and high tide are best. I might see you there sometime. As i said its great to cure the fishing bugg.


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I recently tried Ocean Reef

Wed, 2007-01-03 16:37

I recently tried Ocean Reef one night and caught a 48cm 800g tailor. Was bait casting mulies. Besides that, it's been windy and weedy.

Does Hillarys south wall get crowded ??? I went to the north wall for a look see the other day, and there were people fishing shoulder to shoulder.

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Thu, 2007-01-04 08:14

i do head down to ocean reef every now and then and have caught some good size tailor and even 2 average size bonito as well (i was suprized to) with the tailor i find if you berley up hard to get all the small fish in close and then drift down half mulies on a 2 hook gang the tailor come from all over to see what the comotion is and smash the half mulies every cast. Change to full ones and they dont touch em. This has happend a few times but waiting is the key as sometimes they dont bite until 10pm.
With hillarys is does get busy but generally not on the south side because its always windier and pisses people off, but they generally nic off by 6pm anyway. I only use a 6 foot loomis and 5600 abu baitcaster and have no problems with casting distance and landing the fish. PS dont let the mulies stay on the bottom for to long plenty of strigrays around. Use twistys instead.