Inclement weather surf casting

 Hi all, 

just wanted to see what people use rig wise of the beach when the wind is against them (litterally haha.)


Stubbornly went for a fish on Friday evening in the 15-20knkt WSW'er and was losing about 30-40% casting distance due to a single drop paternoster rig flailing about in the breeze.  I have thought about pulley rigs and running sinker rigs but thought I'd see what the general consensus was to combatting inclement weather in the surf.

PS.  Mainly chasing tailor in these instances with any by catch a welcome addition.



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 big sinkers big rods fairly

Sun, 2015-02-15 22:05

 big sinkers big rods fairly light line. Punch the cast low.the grapnel sinkers are the go and a high rod holder to keep line out of the waves if possible.the whole big baits are worst as they have the most drag.

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up the sinker size (rod permitting) and shorten the dropper

Mon, 2015-02-16 10:41

or shorten the lead to the hooks on a running sinker rig. Run lighter leader and use a smaller bait. These all help.

Clip down rigs also work well, but need to be tied pretty accurately else they can be a bit of a pain.

Casting technique comes into its own in these conditions. Those that have mastered the big distance casting techniques fair pretty well in these conditions, provided of course the fish are that far out! Only need to cast to where they are, if the wind has blown them in close, then no need to change anything :P



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I'm interested in this too..

Mon, 2015-02-16 10:58

I'm interested in this too.. I struggle getting a decent cast on my beach rod, especially when the wind is blowing I know that probably comes down to technique and practice but every little bit helps haha


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 15foot rod and 5 oz star

Mon, 2015-02-16 12:41

 15foot rod and 5 oz star sinker u shudnt have a drama

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Clip your bait

Mon, 2015-02-16 15:51

clip your bait, still the best option.

it offers a more streamlined projectile.


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Casting sinkers & learning

Mon, 2015-02-16 18:36

Casting sinkers & learning distance casting techniques are the way to go. Have a look on youtube for the pendulum cast.

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 Cheers guys,Anyone had any

Tue, 2015-02-17 18:16

 Cheers guys,

Anyone had any luck with Tailor on a running sinker rig or do you use a cork (or something similar) to keep the bait off bottom?

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D80 about summed it up

Tue, 2015-02-17 19:12

D80 about summed it up perfectly.
Sometimes you just don't need a big cast!
But increasing sinker and decreasing leader is a good option. When I have the wind up my arse I let the line go at about 12 o'clock and let the wind carry it - when the wind is in my face I let the line go about 11.00 or less.
Problem with using a running sinker (unless you put a stop up the line) is that in a big wind the sinker keeps traveling but the bait holds up mid air.

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Tue, 2015-02-17 20:56

 Trim the tail off your mulies too, stops the bait from spinning etc as it acts like a rudder as it flies through the air, this can hinder your distance by quite a bit.


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 Yep i use a cork when

Wed, 2015-02-18 11:48

 Yep i use a cork when conditions allow.  But usually when it is windy, the swell is up too and the cork sometimes can get twisted up within the rig when it's in the water. 

Dale is on the money about trimming the tail off mulies too. 


In terms if casting a running rig, I try and keep the sinker and bait travelling in a straight line to minimise it spinning in the air. The cast is over the shoulder with the bait just touching/off the ground. The key for me is making sure the rod, line, sinker and bait all travel along the same path during the cast. 


Also, tailor arent always that far out where you have to belt out a monster cast, fish the gutter. 

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 Thx everyone,i am aware of

Wed, 2015-02-18 12:16

 Thx everyone,

i am aware of not needing to cast a hundred metres to reach the gutters all the time, but in this instance I had too.  High tide with long period swell meant there wasn't much beach left and the gutters were a reasonable distance from the fishing position.

Some good little tips there.



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What gear are you casting with?

Wed, 2015-02-18 13:02

Line Type and Rating?

Just curious.



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12 foot Daiwa sensor

Wed, 2015-02-18 19:16

12 foot Daiwa sensor surf

Plueger salt 8000

20 pound fireline braid with varying mono leaders depending on ground.


Spooled the braid on for surf casting for the first time at the end of last year, only used mono previously.  Not totally sold on the braid in the surf yet.  Definitely has it's pros and cons.


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Nothing wrong with that setup

Thu, 2015-02-19 09:06

will get all the distance you need with that.



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