Interpretation of Sounder pics

 Hi all

was hoping to get some idea of what I was looking at on Saturday.

It's a wreck located in 20m and (usually) has cray pots in close proximity. We dropped plastics and small jigs over this for a few hours but had no enquiries.

my questions are : what are people's opinions on we seeing in the images?

is it likely to be bait over/surrounding the wreck? Or is it more likely to be weed?

we kept sounding  "lines" in the lower 10meters. Could these be fish or more likely severed cray pot ropes?

Does (mid water) weed? Show up on sounders like this?

all 3 pics are within about a 10 meter drift over the wreck.




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Sun, 2019-03-10 22:32


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All that green echo looks like bait

Mon, 2019-03-11 07:31

 Larger size baitfish such as decent yakkas, will show as those light squiggly lines, particularly on zoom. The heavier lines would be larger fish,or small sharks. When I was at Exmouth last year for the billfish bonanaza, we kept running across these bait schools that were quite distinctive, well-defined little squiggles rather than a tighter mass of smaller targets. They were the huge scalies you get up there, I called them superscalies. Near 250mm long, brilliant silver, I'm sure the sails loved them, but they died immediately in the tank. So we didn't drop on those schools to top up the tank, but, any that were caught, were refrigerated and frozen, and came home for snapper bait.

Did you try dropping a baitchaser rig? This is often the best way to find out exactly what you are seeing down there, and you can get some livies from it as well. They can be a lot better than jigs or SP's if this fish are a bit disinterested.

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Can never have too much weed ..... man.

Mon, 2019-03-11 08:29

 Try splitting the screen to bottom lock if it  has that feature, that might help define bottom and fish if you think your over a weedy area.






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Mon, 2019-03-11 13:20



all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs