jig weight to water depth

just want some advice on jig weight for different water depth ,current etc .

whats your AVERAGE jig weight for say ,,





 i know current and tide time might change this a bit along with line clas ect ..line class wouldnt be any less than pe 5 .average about pe 8

i havnt done any jigging at all and am keen to have a crack

the reason im asking is when in exxie trolling anywhere between 50 and 300 m i often spy some great looking jigging potential on the sounder.[yes its a very good sounder with a transducer that would burn a rubies eyes out] .....now convincing the skipper to stop and rig up a bait or 2 is out of the question ....but im sure i could twist his arm to stop and have a quick crack at steel

thanks in advance ..


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Depends on line

Tue, 2011-08-09 15:43

Depends on line class....


Lets say PE5 as its generally deep and you will needto pull em past the sharks...

- 50m = 150 g

- 100m = 250 g

- 200 m = 400 g.


Lighter line, can get away with a lot less. I have jigged 110 m with 80 g jigs with PE2 on light wnds.


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thanks mate.thats about what

Tue, 2011-08-09 19:30

thanks mate.thats about what i was tinking

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stopping and pulling in the

Tue, 2011-08-09 20:40

stopping and pulling in the billfish gear will wear thin after one or two drops, better off marking ground and having a crack later is the best I have found.

But if you're still keen, 80-100gm to 50m, then 150gm to 200gm up to 100m or so. All of our deep jigging has been done with 400gm knife jigs which have minimal action but the fish seemed to like them, when they were biting that is. Coords accepted and I'll tell you what jigs worked and what didn't.

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Hey Mitch

Tue, 2011-08-09 21:06

Wirthy is all for it , I took some jigs over to Exy last week to have a JIG but we kept seeing Billy's so kept on trolling .


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Jig weight V depth!

Tue, 2011-08-09 21:58

50m - 100-150gm

70m - 150- 200gm

100m 200- 300gm

200m 300 -400gm


Current and tide can make that vary!

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thanks for the replys.yep

Wed, 2011-08-10 13:04

thanks for the replys

.yep Goatch i spoke to Wirthy about it after my first and very brief crack at jigging.trolled for 4 odd hours for bills .1 hoo ...stopped on a flare up on the sounder dropped a couple of jiggs and got completly dominated by the fish .end result was one 3kgish red ,one big long nose emp ,2 eatn jiggs ,,one jigg bent and twisted jig,, and a big urge to have a good crack at it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


like Tim said we need to start marking the co ords,,,then head back .i have done it several times on c/wirthy  but havent named the pinged spots and yes MARLIN FEVER can be all encompasing

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 weird every one seems to use

Mon, 2011-08-15 20:13

 weird every one seems to use heavy jigs, though i use 400gr in 320s and its fine ! been out with Southcity 104 and caught grey band cod and others. that works good for me and we use PE6 :) wind is 5 knots and 2 currents below us one mid water and the other on the bottm. in the 320s i put out 345metres of line ... + tide factor. so 


50m - 100-120gm

70m - 120- 180gm

100m  180-250gm

200m  250 -320/350gm