Hey guys,


I want to get into some jigging and want to buy a new rod and real. Any suggestions one what i should get?? Any thoughts would be appreciated

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 whats your price

Thu, 2008-12-18 10:17


whats your price range?


and depends what are your planning on jigging for..


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Thu, 2008-12-18 10:51

My suggestion is speak to Honsu at Oceanside on South St; he is a jigging guru

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Well it'll depend on the

Thu, 2008-12-18 11:23

Well it'll depend on the type of jigging you are doaing. I guess in perth you would have to be looking at the samsons so a PE5 rod and a 8000 size shimano rell or 4500 size daiwa reel would be a good starting point.

Depending on your budget you might want to consider our Xzoga rods. Pop down to The Tackle Shack and have a look at the range of Xzoga they stock there. To get an idea of the action of the rods you can have a peek at some of the photo's that were posted up for our product testing trip from a few weeks ago. Or even better go have a chat with Brenz and ask him to load one of the rods up for you and have a feel of it.


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I have this

Thu, 2008-12-18 11:25

I have this http://fishwrecked.com/node/18167 for sale if you're keen?

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dont really have a budget to

Thu, 2008-12-18 11:48

dont really have a budget to speak of. Not going to spend 1000s but do want good gear that can handle some good size fish. Most of its work will be for sambo's if that makes any diff.


thanks guys

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I picked up a ryobi safari

Thu, 2008-12-18 11:56

I picked up a ryobi safari and a xzoga jig stick, which is quite good value IMO.  A saltist would probably be the similarily priced overhead option (which you could also use for bottom bouncing). Check with the tackle guys on suitability.

Try loading up one of the xzogas and you'll be impressed Laughing

(I was actually using the same rod bear has for jigging yesterday Wink )



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i thought i had read on here

Thu, 2008-12-18 12:20

i thought i had read on here Honsu was heading off on holidays overseas. Or hasnt he left yet?

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nah kasey is off overseas,

Thu, 2008-12-18 12:23

nah kasey is off overseas, not honsu.


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ok i will call in there and

Thu, 2008-12-18 13:04

ok i will call in there and see him then. Then i can see the whole range and get a bit of an idea before i jump in and spen the $$$$

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t curve

Thu, 2008-12-18 15:58

ive got a t curve 400 jig/spinning with a spheros 14000 runnin 50lb fins great for the price never let me down yet

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The Daiwa Saltiga rods and

Thu, 2008-12-18 17:13

The Daiwa Saltiga rods and reels are fantastic and have never let me down good quality and built to last .

Bear's rod that he has for sale is also a quality rod that would do the job well


You could wait till the saltiga extreme reels arive here in WA they also come with a rod built for the rod and I will again admit these are awsome I have one 4500 extreme and the bigger model fitted to the extreme rod and love them



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Personally i like overheads

Thu, 2008-12-18 18:08

Personally i like overheads for heavy jigging PE6+ 350g+ jigs...the like of Torsa 16s, L120 Blue heavens, 40z Saltigas...i like overheads with heavier jigs only because i reckon its much easier to work the jig and with the likes of the reels i have just said they weigh bugger all anyway...it all comes down to comfort.

For PE5 and less and 300g jigs and less i like spinning...Stella 8000SW-PG or FA models, 4500Z saltigas (my fav) and 8000 saragosa or spheros FB.

For rods i would definatley look at the Xzoga series both spin and o/head. Also i love fishing with Smith's (AMJ or WRC) models.

Value for money i would look at the Xzoga or Tcurves...





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Nice product review Sam

Sat, 2008-12-27 05:47

Nice read and it sounds like you guys had fun!!!!


Im still confused with this "Japan" thing though......is it the blanks that are Japanese....assembled else where?????


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Hi. I'm an o'head person

Sun, 2009-01-04 02:21


I'm an o'head person too. Just a couple of eggbeaters.
Talking cheaper Jig Sticks. I got a coupla Daiwa Catalinas. Good honest sticks, But. last yr I got a couple of V'Fox."Tournament" sticks too. Jiggers.
They very nice for the money. Jap. Boron\graphite. Good lifting power. light. and $250ish. Delivered.

Hey. Anybody know of a Jap Model Saltiga 15 for sale?.