Jigging advice from Captain Jeff Rogers in Kona

Captain Jeff Rogers is a very successful charter boat skipper in Kona. He is one of the very few - perhaps the only one - to regularly run jigging charters especially for Japanese visitors looking for jacks and GT's.

Here are some jigging tips from Captain Jeff:


In addition, Captain Jeff was kind enough to answer some additional questions from me by e-mail:

Kawika: Does your fluorocarbon leader end with the black swivel to which
you attach your assist hook? That is, are all your jigs initially without assist hooks and later attached to the swivel with a split ring? ----

C.J.: The swivel, assist hook and split ring stay attached to the shock leader on the rod. I take the jig off to stow the rod. I also switch out jigs without changing anything else.

Kawika: Why do you use a single assist hook rather than two? Is it because the swivel attachment system you use only allows room for a single hook? ---

C.J.: I've always just used a single hook. The Japanese came up with this first and called it a trapper hook. I very rarely ever saw anyone use two hooks but the Shimano Butterfly system promotes it that way.

Kawika: What length of assist hook leader do you like relative to the length of the lure? Halfway down? A third? A quarter? ---

C.J.: I like it 1/3 down. Somewhere in that area. I think 1/4 would be too short and you would miss some (not all) bites. 1/2 way is OK too. I rig my hook length for my longer jigs but when I put a short jig on, it's about
1/2 way down.

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Very informative

Sat, 2007-01-06 07:41

Very informative website.

Thanks for the link.

The sea sickness tips are great.

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Sat, 2007-01-06 08:43

Some good reading there Kawika, really liked the knots section - I can definately pick up a few pointers there. Cheers!


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