Hey guys

i want to share you a new experience that i had in JIGGING , POPPING IN MEDITERRANEAN SEA , i only got a small tuna on my first time trying to go fishing in the place ( will upload video later )

we went fishing beside petrol platforms , we didnt have such good tools for jigging and popping yet , so we decided as a team to start building our tools, so please any good expert would help me finding the best tools for jiggin and popping like the reel and the 

rod not the lures , i was thinking about buying SALTIST 6500 as i found it might be the best at my budjet but i am afraid also still if it may not fit jiggin or popping, so please if any suggestions let me know


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What is the target species?

Tue, 2013-02-19 17:13

What is the target species? There is some good size bluefin tuna being caught (100-200lbs).

Popping rods will generally not be used for vertical jigging and the other way around is even less likely. Popping rods are long for better casting distance, where jigging rods are shorter and lighter for maximum lifting power and comfort.

For bluefin popping, PE8 popping rods will do the trick. There's plenty of them in different price ranges.

Not really up on jigging myself, but a pe-5 rod would be the minimum for the above tuna sizes.