Kayak on the road - worth it?

Hi guys,

We are on a road trip in April/May. To improve our prospects to catch some big fish I have in mind buying a fishing kayak, but still trying to find out if this really pays off for us. Shark Bay, Gnaraloo, Warroora, Coral Bay & Exmouth are my favourite spots for using it, but one or two rides down in the South-West would be nice aswell. Never sat in one before, so again quite a rookie. Thus if you don't mind I'd like to pester you again with heaps of questions:

Has anyone experiences with those yaks below (especially whether or not they are suitable for sea usage in general)?

**Albatross 5 Double

**Glide XFK-3100 Fishing Kayak

**Scorpio Terrapins

I've seen that most sea kayaks are rather thin. Hence, Albatross and Scorpio may fall out of the line. Would you say there is a minimum length required for kayaks to be stable enough on the sea?

Also wondering about the general sea weather conditions at those spots at that time of year. If they are to be expected good enough so that is it likely to regularly get convenient swell to go for a cruise.

Last one: Maybe anyone has any ideas who sells used sea fishing kayaks on a fair price (or new ones if max. 600$ for single/800for double including seats and paddles).

Thanks again! Hope I can pay this back one day!


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Tue, 2017-01-10 16:33

advice mate is to check gumtree rather than buying new and always wear a life jacket  

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 Hey crayster I'm no expert

Tue, 2017-01-10 20:49

 Hey crayster I'm no expert on kayaks but you will want the best and most stable for a sea kayak. I would recommend going a bit above your budget and buying yourself a hobie. Can never go wrong with them


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Safety gear

Wed, 2017-01-11 06:04

we have just returned from up Exy way with yaks and found out that most places now you have to have safety gear on board when 400 mts off shore ,  jackets and flares  so keep that in mind when going out 

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Thanks guys. JustDoIt, how

Thu, 2017-01-12 23:16
Thanks guys. JustDoIt, how far do I have to paddle out for some bigger fish eg snapper? Asking because I don't believe those cheap yaks will survive much more than a sheltered bay. But don't want to spend more money it's just for the trip. In Exy we will try to resell it but you never know ...
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 We've got a viking fisherman

Fri, 2017-01-13 13:45

 We've got a viking fisherman double, a bit above your budget and pretty big and heavy but its a beast of a yak and can handle almost anything.

For a cheap, reliable single have a look at the Finn Gizmo. Once you built up a bit of experience you can take it out a bit further but I'd suggest staying in closer no matter what yak you go for, can still catch some good fish if you put in the effort


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Thanks Hutch! I will take a

Sun, 2017-01-15 20:12

Thanks Hutch! I will take a look at those!