LBG Rod suggestion for Shimano TLD 50LRSA 2 Speed


Can I have some suggestions for a good LBG rod?


It will mainly be used for drone fishing with a gannet bait release so casting/rod length is not really an issue

I am after a 15-24Kg rod

I have been looking at the Wilson Live Fibre (RLF14, 8ft, 15-24kg) and the OzFlex LBG rods

I have a Shimano TLD 50LRSA 2 Speed, will probably put 60lb braid on with 100-200m of mono top shot. I went for a reel a bit bigger than I originally planned but mainly for the amount of line needed, as I will send it out 500m at times and to be prepared for any sharks as well :) 

Any other suggestions on other rods is appreciated. What would be the best rod for the Shimano TLD 50LRSA 2 Speed?


Thanks in advance everyone

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 Both great rods i own ozflex

Tue, 2018-02-27 16:37

 Both great rods i own ozflex an run a 70s international on it an me mate got livefibre an we have loaded them up with that much drag ya cant stand with massive pressure on them an havent failed 

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Lb game rod

Tue, 2018-02-27 22:33

 G'day Giles. Mate I've  got a land based game rod that would be perfect for your set up. I bought it after a few trips to Dirk hartog island but never used it. It's still in the cover. It's a ugly stick Bluewater 15/24kg all guides no rollers so perfect for braid As well. 8'6ft. Wasn't that keen to sell but it's just not going to get used. Cost me $350. Happy to make a deal.

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Thanks gents, appreciate the

Wed, 2018-02-28 15:40

Thanks gents, appreciate the feedback, good to know Im on the right track at least

Thanks for the offer livewire but I am buying a new rod this time, decided to spoil myself