Light Jigging

 Been looking at the Abu Garcia veritas jigging rods, just wondering how they hold up against larger demersal and some pelargic species and if anyone would recommend them.


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When Marine deals had a

Wed, 2015-06-03 12:05

When Marine deals had a special on them recently had a bit of a look into them. havn't seem them in the flesh but BCF apparently stock them.

was looking at one for plastics.

Dr google came up with quite a few of them snapping. looked like a few US bass fisherman though....Damnn boy ahh done snapped maa fishn pole !

would be interested in feedback if you get your hands on one though.

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 I used one one Sunday,

Wed, 2015-06-03 13:07

 I used one one Sunday, caught 3 size trout to 55cm on soft plastics and handled it pretty well. I heard the same stories about hem snapping but I think it was more due to previous damages in transport.

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interested to know which rod

Wed, 2015-06-03 13:58

interested to know which rod you used.

I was only looking for dedicated plastics

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 I used the PE rated 1-3 spin

Wed, 2015-06-03 15:33

 I used the PE rated 1-3 spin model, with a shamano sustain 5000 with 20 pound braid.

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I checked these out at a

Mon, 2015-06-15 13:23

I checked these out at a tackle shop this week and a side by side comparison shows that they are almost identical to the gomokus other than binding, decals, and grip colour.
I have the blue gomoku 1-3 equivalent, I'm happy with it, but they're a bit of a niche rod.

Pro's: Cheap outfit for light jigging. the 1-3 is comfortable with 3kg drag, a maximum of 3.5kg. What this means is that:
• a relatively cheap 2500-3000 sixed threadline (eg a $100 buck aird), or for overheads an old style 200 sized bait-caster, abu6500 or smaller, that maxes out at 3kg drag is all that is required reel-wise as long as the drag is smooth. (a good use for old reels in the shed!!)
• Probably best to fish it as a light 8 kilo outfit. Nothing wrong with this for snapper and the like out to 40m (wouldn't have thought twice back in mono days). Either use 8kg braid, or if you're good at fg knots then take a lesson from the kiwis and choose a 10-12lb braid that breaks well over strength (they quite often pick the right 10lb braids and fish them over a 5-8kg rod with soft plastics. )
• I feel/hookup twice the number of fish on little madai, inchiku and metal jigs up to 100g that I do on my bigger jig rods, and with the light line I get a lot more jig action for less input effort than my other jig outfits.

• Because the tip folds away so much they're really susceptible to high sticking by novices if they insist on leaning back until they get a full turn of the reel handle on the pump and wind (this can be solved by shouting at the crew) – they should be "short stroked" or fought from under the arm.
• Because the rods are so light and thin they won't stand up to being left in a rod-holder with a jig/jig-head hooked in the first guide frame and bashing against the blank while motoring between spots. (a pet peeve of mine, even with glass rods)
• an extra 6" length would be nice for soft plastics use
• Not a rod for intentionally targeting big fish in 40+ metres with heavy drag >3.5 kilos. They will catch surprisingly large fish when fished as an 8 kilo rod.