Line gaff wanted

Hi guys,

Trying to get hold of a line gaff similar to the pic attached.

Has anyone seen one of these in a Perth shop recently or know where they might exist?  Struggling to find one without driving all over the country side.





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Sat, 2011-07-02 18:36

Saw one today in Mandurah.

Might be a bit far for you

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thought of making your

Sun, 2011-07-03 07:41

thought of making your own???.. thats a ppretty simple design, could quiet easily replicate something very similar.


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thats a wilson gaff line i

Sun, 2011-07-03 16:26

thats a wilson gaff line i believe try the link below,did see one in one of the bcf stores either scarborough or morley, im not sure though give them a call and check mate or you can just order it online.

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Mon, 2011-07-04 20:01

Bump, any local tackle stores have one of these in stock or has anyone seen one in the metro area ?

Have tried 3 x BCF, 2 x bluewater, 2 x ranger and 2 x others and no luck.

Abz, might have to order online but would prefer to just walk in and buy one. Will call Morley and see if they have one, tried ozy park and balcatta for no luck.



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I have a three prong flying

Mon, 2011-07-04 22:08

I have a three prong flying gaff that is only collecting dust. pm if your interested.

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while your trying give the

Mon, 2011-07-04 23:19

while your trying give the following shop a call it might be worth trying


Got'ya tackle balcatta 0892406000


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no luck

Tue, 2011-07-05 19:48

Thanks Abz, I did try gotchya balcatta last week but no luck. Thanks for the heads up as I was sure they would be the shop to have one as they seem to have lots of random things in there.

Didn't have the chance to call Morley yet.

Chuditch - PM sent mate.



Anyone else seen one recently ?

Thanks guys



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local boilermaker welder

Wed, 2011-07-06 15:59

take em 5 mins they'll have the bits lying around. if you can't find one. good luck

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might have to

Thu, 2011-07-07 19:43

Looks like i might have to get one made up.

Made a few calls today and none available in the stores i called.

Anyone have one that they no longer use ?


cheers guys

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Hey Mattgreen I've got a

Thu, 2011-07-07 21:43

Hey Mattgreen I've got a grappling line gaff if your interested , might still even have the rope. Yours for a bottle of Wild Turkey


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last bump

Sat, 2011-07-09 08:08

Hi Guys,

It's official, there are no line gaffs in Perth!  haha 

Last bump to see if anyone has seen one recently in a tackle shop that I haven't checked or has one that they might like to off load.

The reason for the line gaff and not the cliff gaff style is so that I can strap it to the side of the backpack when exploring new areas without having to carry a bulky cliff gaff or lug around a 2 piece pole gaff.

Thanks for all the responses.



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hi matt,  i think your best

Sun, 2011-07-10 16:42

hi matt,


i think your best bet is to get it online it prob wont take too long to arrive but double check this before you order one. If you had ordered it last week it prob be already on the side of your backpack.

its either that they are too popular or not so popular that you cant find any around.


Good luck mate