Livefibre Venom Series Jig Rods

Anybody rate these rods? Had a bit of a play but a bit hesitant to lay down the cash for a product that doesnt seen to have attracted much interest. Anyone running them?


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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A mate ot mine has one, and

Thu, 2010-12-09 20:55

A mate ot mine has one, and i only played with it recently.


Beautiful rod !!!!!!!!!!

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Thu, 2010-12-09 21:12

was going to mention these rods and ask if anyone has one because my mate wants one.

ive seen them deadlift up to 45kg !

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Sportfishing Series Venom

Fri, 2010-12-10 07:53

Sportfishing Series
Wilson Live Fibre Sports Fishing TX Venom Jig & Popper rods are 100% Australian Made using Kilwell Blanks from New Zealand so you know they`re strong. Fuji Chrome Sic guides. Available in spin and overhead.

Options: Model Length Rating Jig Weight Style
RLFTXVOH150G 5'6" 30lb 150g O/head
RLFTXVOH250G 5'6" 50lb 250g O/head
RLFTXVOH350G 5'6" 80lb 350g O/head
RLFTXVOH450G 5'6" 100lb 450g O/head
RLFTXVS150G 5'7" 30lb 150g Spin
RLFTXVS250G 5'7" 50lb 250g Spin
RLFTXVS350G 5'7" 80lb 350g Spin
RLFTXVS450G 5'7" 100lb 450g Spin
RLFTXVP5 7'6" PE 5 - Spin
RLFTXVP8 7'6" PE 8 - Spin
RLFTXVP10 7'6" PE 10 - Spin
RLFTXVP12 7'6" PE 12 - Spin

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Venom Rods

Fri, 2010-12-10 08:43

What a spin out, I was going to start a post today asking this same question. I have had a look at the pe 3-8 Oh version and on the shop floor it loads up real well. I have been tossing up between this rod and a T curve deep jig 400.

What shops have you seen these being stocked at?



I would rather be fishing

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I have many live fibre rods

Sat, 2010-12-11 09:05

and rate every one highly!but havent seen these rods as yet! where abouts did you see them?? wouldnt mind taking a look myself!



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Same blanks

Sat, 2010-12-11 09:50

as Tills Snits.Kilwell makes all their rods


So tell me have you got your info from years on the water or hours on the internet?

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That was my suspicion

Sat, 2010-12-11 13:17

That was my suspicion allrounder. Just confirmed it.
Ones I have seen were ones that 2rods brought down from Got One in Darwin and Smirky Sports in Port Hedland also has a few in stock.


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Actually they're not the same

Sat, 2010-12-11 17:10

Actually they're not the same as the Synits. Both blanks are made by Kilwell, but they're not made to the same recipes.

Synit's previous generation of jig rods were call Venom, but thats about where it ends.