Logue Brook Dam

I'm planning on taking the family up to Louge Brook Dam for a night or two camping and fishing.

I have never fished in fresh water so am looking for as much advise as i can get. I have read that there are trout and redfin in there?

So what sort of lures or bait, rigs etc. Water depth, troll, anchor, drift are there any structures in the dam?

I will take up the boat so hoefully this will increase my chances of getting something. 




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# 1 you need to have a

Fri, 2013-08-23 16:54

# 1 you need to have a freshwater fishing licence, I find that if you dont catch a reddy within a dozen casts move along a bit, have caught them near structure and out in the bare open, so no real yes or no dont fish there.Have caught then mostly on spinners with yellow and red colour in them.