Loss of another fisho off woodies

Im sure most already know but the pic I saw looked like Dale's dinghy, hopefully his all good. Still a shame and condolences.


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 61 year old Wellard man...no

Sun, 2017-04-16 19:00

 61 year old Wellard man...no idea how old Dale but I think he lives in Wellard.


Condolonces to the family regardless of who it is.

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Dale's in Coober Pedy thought

Sun, 2017-04-16 19:02

Dale's in Coober Pedy thought the worst myself initially seeing the tinny and they said the bloke was from Wellard .. 

Not sure how it come to be or what conditions were like , but to you blokes who go solo be careful put the PFD on and attach a kill switch lanyard 
Commiserations to family and friends 

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 Dale was online this

Sun, 2017-04-16 19:03

 Dale was online this afternoon after having a quick stalk..

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 I thought the same when I

Sun, 2017-04-16 19:08

 I thought the same when I read Wellard. Very local to me not good at all


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Sun, 2017-04-16 19:20

 Yeah, definitely not me guys, yes I'm about a 90 minute drive south of Coober Pedy at Prominent Hill. So this on the ABC news, and yes he's from my neck of the woods but I didn't know him, good chance my wife might have though. RIP old fisho.


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Becoming all to common.RIP OLD MATE

Mon, 2017-04-17 06:09

 Time for all of us to put the jackets on


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 Agree with the jackets, talk

Mon, 2017-04-17 10:04

 Agree with the jackets, talk to the guys that have been involved past 12 months and they tell you it happens in a split second no time to grab anything. Seen a boat go down with 4 guys on board behind me and fishin mate off back of GI last year have worn our jackets since. Not all dingys either.


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 Firstly condolences to his

Mon, 2017-04-17 11:14

 Firstly condolences to his family. So what is the issue here? Too close to reef again? Just trying to work out the common denominator here.


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Common denominator is no

Mon, 2017-04-17 11:48

Common denominator is no jacket


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what was the reason he was in the water ?

Mon, 2017-04-17 11:55

good comment sea-kem
I'd also like to know what happened to maybe safe a life in the future.


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condolences to his family

Mon, 2017-04-17 12:10

I regularly go out in my dinghy by myself. Always wear a lifejacket and if the motor is running always wear the killswitch lanyard. I have had a few moments where I came near to going in the drink and I don't want to end up with my family wondering when/if I'm coming home. Why he was in the water seems to be unknown, the article in perthnow says:"It remains unclear if the man was fishing when he ran into trouble or how he ended up in the water."