Shimanno 25 reel

 G'day ,was lucky enough to do some fishing off Horrocks during the Easter break ,was using the Shimanno reel for Mackerel and it was great to use ,thinking of getting one ,was just wondering what kind of line to put on it , ,was fishing the one I used with braid ,any advice would be great cheers 

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 You mean a TLD25?  Put some

Mon, 2017-04-17 10:39

 You mean a TLD25?  Put some backing on it and 50lb braid on top.  Not a bad reel, but if you can stump up a bit more the Tyrnos 20 is a much nicer reel to use, around the same size.  Much better handle, more drag, better anti-reverse, metal frame (more solid, resistant to binding up like the TLD can on higher drags).  

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 Tld25 is a ripper little

Mon, 2017-04-17 10:54

 Tld25 is a ripper little reel for the cash mate - often on sale with a rod for $150 (ish). I had my first one from 99 and it only gave up last year...I abused the crap out of it and I've caught some monsters with it. I've always run 50lb braid on it, and when trolling have top shot about 20-30m of mono onto it as well (quick to put on and remove when moving from bottom bashing to trolling and back again). 

Just get 50lb braid from a bulk spool in the shop where you buy it, that way only paying for what you need. Most shops have half decent braid on bulk spools behind the counter nowadays.

Wash it with fresh water when you get home and it'll last for years.

when mine finally gave up I bought another straight away (I don't use it often nowadays as do different type of fishing), but the new one is just as good as the old gillys post from Exmouth last month. We fought a big big blue marlin on a tld25 (lost it after an hour due to it finally trying to spool me) and we landed a nice sailfish on same reel the day before. Reel never missed a beat even with drag right up and fish screaming line off it to the point it was too hot to touch.

for the money - ripper reel. Anyone that tells you aren't value for money or isn't good reel hasn't used one.


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 Thanks,pretty new to this

Mon, 2017-04-17 11:19

 Thanks,pretty new to this fishing gig ,when you say have a top shot of mono  is like a long leader? ,sorry about the lack of knowledge ,you got to start somewhere cheers for your help.

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 Yeah like a long leader

Mon, 2017-04-17 13:57

 Yeah like a long leader except just not necessarily as heavy as a leader. 50lb braid to a 50lb mono top shot, then if you want a rod length of 80-100lb (or heavier) leader to your skirted lure. if running wire to a bib lure I don't always worry about an extra leader thou, 50lb main line is pretty heavy for Mackies so you can just go to a snap swivel and onto wire then lure....Mackies generally don't fight much. In fact with 50lb top shot on a 25 you should be able to skull drag them in if you run a bit of wire before your lure


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Here you go

Mon, 2017-04-17 14:29
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 Thanks, looks the goods,

Mon, 2017-04-17 16:33

 Thanks, looks the goods, only thing is i,m up in Geraldton, will send him a message cheers