Love a full moon

Headed out from Woodies at sparrows getting out to the 50's before the sun broke the horizon, first drop and the dhuies were on, and were they ON, between the two of us we hit double figures despite moving to shallower and shallower water to try and get away from them, sure several were undersized but returned brilliantly thanks to slow retrieve. Kept two around 65cm as they are prime eating size, back in by 11 to beat the storms.  Roll on the next lunar cycle !

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 Nice stuff mate. I went out

Sun, 2017-03-12 17:19

 Nice stuff mate. I went out yesterday arvo/night off Hillarys and couldnt even manage a bite from multiple spots which i'v pulled fish from recently haha

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Sun, 2017-03-12 20:58

I've always done well around the full moon.   

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 Mulloway time soon full

Mon, 2017-03-13 10:34

 Mulloway time soon full moons on cool nights.

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Mon, 2017-03-13 10:43

 Nice catch, Sunshine


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