Lowrance 3in1 transducer alongside furuno p66?

 Hey Guys,

After some advice on mounting a lowrance 3in1 transducer alongside my current furuno p66 tranny. How close to the p66 can i mount the 3in1? Also how close to the motor can i mount the 3in1? The p66 is about 40cm from tbe motor and I was thinking of mounting tbe 3in1 between the p66 and motor, meaning it will be around 20/30cm from the motor. Mounting the 3in1 on the motor side of the p66 means it will be slightly lower than the p66, wondering how/if the sidescan will be affected on the lowrance. Any advice would be awesome before i start going crazy with the drill.

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 Have you thought about

Fri, 2020-07-17 11:18

 Have you thought about mounting 3 and 1 directly to hull facing forward if you have a flat part on keel mate has it set up like that with same distance apart running both transducers you mentioned on seperate sounder no interferance at all and great pics from both in 40m