Lucy's @ Greenough 21/12/2012

Finally caught up with an old mate Al on his home turf. We had all these plans to hit the water and spend 24 hours of ardcore fishing. In the end at 10am we went to pick up a wicked beach runner that was given to him and ended up staying and sampling the guys fine homebrew for a bit longer then expected and had us stuffed for the rest of the day of which i ended up passing out on his couch and amazed i still had my pants on or hadnt had my face painted by Al.
Anyway we eventually made our way to Lucy's which is literally a stone throw away from Als place on the other side of the dune.  While im fluffing about swapping between running paternoster rigs, to fixed paternosters, removing weed, generally trying to be too clever with my rigs not to mention its been a while since ive cast anything longer then 7 foot so I wasnt exactly hitting the sweet spots, Al is onto 3 decent sized Tailor, the largest coming in under 50cm and smallest around 45cm. Al 3 Me 0. Al wasnt shy in reminding me.
At this staged I was a bit annoyed, made obvious by my silence. The only thought going through my mind is if I finish the day with a donut, this kunt will never let me forget about it and give me hell for the rest of my life. So I settle on a running star sinker rig. As im slowly winding her in Al goes are you getting any bites? Nahhhh......nek minnit SLAM!! First tailor for me in the bag. I told Al about how relieved I was to get off the mark so now I could relax and enjoy the sand, surf and sun. This wasnt a competition after all......
By now my casting was improving and was firing them out like bullets and hitting the sweet spot everytime. BANG! BANG! Another now we were even and kindly reminded him so haha now that I'd caught up it was on. YEP IT IS A COMP allright!!
Al gets one and I get another so we finish up the hour and a half session on 4-4 happy with the numbers and more then enuff to feed 2 families with tailor patties but........ I wait for Al to de-rig and cut his hooks and sinker off  and i saw the oppurtunity to get 1 up and so I took it. You know how it is...ONE MORE CAST!! Lucky for him all i collected was weed.

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 nice catch mate,looks like a

Sun, 2012-12-23 18:28

 nice catch mate,looks like a good feed!. Im headed to lucys on boxing day,  how was the weed? Much around?

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Was a little bit mate but not

Sun, 2012-12-23 20:38

Was a little bit mate but not enuff to make it unfishable. Heaps of sharks were finning at the shore break. Have fun mate.

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 just made some shark rigs up

Sun, 2012-12-23 23:22

 just made some shark rigs up haha cant wait.