Man vs Machine

More importantly whats everyones tips for the Man vs Machine showdown tomorrow arvo. Fishing aside it will eyes on the TV for hopefully a West Aussie win!! Maybe an afternoon of watching foxtel like the VB ads. Aerobics/Boxing/Swimsuit modelling/Boxing/ and back to Aerobics. You get the drift!! A few coldies to amp up the yelling while Danny delivers the winning combo's.

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About time.

Tue, 2006-05-16 16:18

I hope Mundine gets his skull caved in. I cant stand Mundine.Hopefully Green can deliver Im just a bit concernd wether he can do it. I hate mundine but unfortunatly he`s pretty tough. Ive ordered it on fox but dont no what time it starts. Anyone no

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Main Event

Tue, 2006-05-16 16:56

Main Event has it listed for 5pm EST

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Tue, 2006-05-16 16:56

being a born an bread scarborough boy i hope the green machine makes mundine hurt bad,the odds ar with mundine to win it on points if it goes all the way,so get in there green and knock the trash talking mundine CLEAN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cmon Danny

Tue, 2006-05-16 17:45

Go the green machine. I too hope he puts his fist in Mundines mouth. Still dont think it will be easy thou, should be a top fight.

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green fight

Tue, 2006-05-16 19:28

The main fight starts at 10.05 easten time so 8.05 here. Hope we all watch mundine go down...

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Main Event Timetable

Tue, 2006-05-16 20:00

The time for talk is over. Anthony “The Man” Mundine and Danny “The Green Machine” Green finally meet in the most anticipated & biggest event in Australian boxing history. It’s Man v Machine LIVE, Wednesday May 17.

Due to this being a live outdoor event, it is not possible to provide an exact start time for the Mundine v Green fight.
- Live coverage of the undercard fights starts from 5pm EST.
- It is not planned that the Mundine v Green fight will start before 9.30pm EST
- However as this is a live outdoor event it is weather dependant and the timing may change on the night - this is beyond the control of MAIN EVENT.
- MAIN EVENT recommends you watch all the event so you don’t miss a thing!

this card is subject to change

1. Bobby Antonakos v Jason Schubert – 65kg Catchweight – 4 rds
2. Domenic DeVanna v Clinton Simmonds – Middleweight – 4 rds
3. Billy Dib v Arial Omongos – 58kg Catchweight – 4 rds
4. Kevin Price v ????? – Heavyweight – 4 rds
5. Danny Withers v Kane McKay – Light Heavyweight – 6 rds
6. Peter Kazzi v Juan Phillips – Super Middleweight – 4 rds
7. Mohammed Elomar v ???????
8. Adam Vella v Damien Smith – Middleweight – 6 rds
9. Jason Cortis v Tyrone Tongia – Welterweight – 4 rds
10. Jamie Withers v Garth Murray – Cruiserweight – 6 rds
11. John Hopoate v Frank Faasolo – Heavyweight – 4rds
12. Ahmed Elomar v Arnel Porras – 58.5 kg Catchweight – 6 rds
13. Shane Cameron v Barthelemy Chukwuma – Heavyweight – 12 rds
14. Anthony Mundine v Danny Green – Super Middleweight – 12 r

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Good Fight

Wed, 2006-05-17 23:35

Gotta give it to Mundine, he won fairly and squarely, Danny got beat on the day.


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Re Match!

Thu, 2006-05-18 10:07

Yeh as much as I dont like Mundine he looked good last night, certainly inform but a re match will confirm "who" is the better fighter overall!

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Good fight

Thu, 2006-05-18 11:53

So my predictions were correct. I should have put a bet on.Mundine didnt exactly dominate Green but he definatly had the better stratagy and accuracy with his shots. I have to hand it to Mundine I didnt realise he was that quick.Anyway like they say every dog has its day.Hope theres a rematch.

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Thu, 2006-05-18 12:53

Have to give him respect for his fighting abilities, then take that away when he starts being a clown and poking his tongue out.

Did you see the John Hopoate fight before hand, that guys an animal.

Hope there is a rematch, doubt it would be over here after the last Mundine fight and the antics. You'd need a steel cage fence leading to the ring!


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Mundine too good!!

Thu, 2006-05-18 13:32

Well its over and done with!! Green came out hard but just doesn't seem to have the power that Mundine showed last night. As mentioned by one of the other boys in the forum Mundines power and precision were very timely last night. As Green said the better man won the fight (Unfortunately!!!) he shows awesome power and speed when he wants to and stuck to a perfect game plan.

However I dont think anyone will ever knock Green out. That was the closest I have ever seen Green get to being a little dizzy on the ropes.

God hopes that we have a rematch, maybe around the Nullabor somewhere on neutral ground.

Yeah Ads saw the Hoppa fight before Green and that was scary. What did it take around 40secs. Sickening blows!! You have to feel sorry for those guys when they get left in that state!! Your happy to see big blows exchanged but when enough is enough the ref needs to get in there!!

He wants to fight Mark Geyer next the old boy from Western Reds days. Don't know what the connection is there?? Any ideas??

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Been saying it for ages...

Thu, 2006-05-18 13:33

Mundine is by far the better fighter. Being a West Australian means I've copped a lot of crap for my thoughts over the years. If they have a rematch, Mundine will win again IMO.
It's all good being able to throw big punches like Green, but if your opponent sees them before you've thrown them, and has the speed to duck/evade it twice before you've thrown it, you'll never win. Especially considering Mundine's power is underated.
I dont like Mundine, but he is the better fighter...if only he had the heart and personality of Green (and maybe the bulletproof Jaw).

On a side note. Pretty impressive that us Aussies have two fighters in the World Top 5 in that class.


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Why do boxers do this?"

Thu, 2006-05-18 19:17

In just about every sport, competitors respect their opponents and this is reflected in their pre - game / post - game comments. While Mundine was clearly the better fighter by a fair way on the night, why go out of the way to talk yourself up and take the piss out of your opponent the way he does every time he fights? Is this what fighters do? In most sports, you give the opposition nothing - the old "one week at a time" response you always get on TV.

Danny Green showed he had big ticker by staying on his feet while he copped a fair beating but he's a West Aussie and seems like a good bloke. Go you good thing!!!

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How about Greens statement

Thu, 2006-05-18 20:12

How about Greens statement after the fight... "Mundine was the better man tonight, all credit goes to Anthony Mundine".

What a good sport. Mundine could learn a lot from him.

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Fri, 2006-05-19 11:39

Hoppo made a mess of him. Lets see how he goes when someone punches back???
As for Mundine. Too quick but it would've only taken a couple of Green's haymakers to hit the spot and it would have been a different story. Hat off to Mundine.