Margaret River

Hi I’m a backerpacker travelling through the country. Im staying in Margaret River for a while an want to fish here.

i want to know if anyone can recommend some nice landbased spots in the area.

Also which species are common at those spots and which rigs work there the best. 

Thank you for your help.


Sry if I have some language mistakes

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Wed, 2018-12-12 10:42

Conto beach, Bobs Hollow, Moses rock, Wyadup rocks,  Boranup rocks, Torpedo rock Yallingup beach around from the shops, Mitchell rocks just in on the Indjidup rocks turn off from Wyadup road just to name a few. All of these are off Caves Road

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 Augusta marina is a top spot

Thu, 2018-12-13 08:09

 Augusta marina is a top spot 30 minutes south of marges