Melville whiting

 I fished the Melville flats on the outgoing tide today, managed my first whiting on lure which was pretty cool. Little 3B Scumdog bitza. There is fish everywhere down there! Massive mullet at a genuine 400+ mm which offer nothing but frustration when they only spook at anything you throw at them. Maybe need to dust off the fly rod for those baby's. Big schools of what I'm calling juvenile giant herring? I maybe wrong, they are hanging in about 200mm of water. Heaps of whiting but very cautious of the lures and I tried a few types. Had some decent follows with some healthy boofs at the lure. A bit like mini barra fishing!

I wouldn't like to be relying on it for my dinner but its bloody good fun!




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Try the little 35mm clear

Fri, 2013-02-01 10:12

Try the little 35mm clear poppers for the whiting, I think they are River 2 Sea ones but I'm not certain. I've caught more than a few on the SX-40 in WA Vampire to. There's heaps of mullet around at the moment, I've seen some monsters getting around on the flats near Point Walter. A bit of dough on a #6 hook works for them if you can't be bothered getting the fly gear out.


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