Fishing North Dandalup

G'day all,

               I'm new fishwrecked and this whole forum. I've recently bought property in North Dandalup just wondering if anyone has had any luck with fresh water fishing around there or near by??

Cheers Mick

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 I havent been for a couple

Tue, 2013-02-12 15:21

 I havent been for a couple of years but the Murray river through Dwellingup (Lane Poole Reserve) wasnt to bad for redfin and recall some good size trout in some of the small flowing pools, although a licence and season apply to trout and for marron in the south west. 

Pretty much any of the fresh water rivers, lakes and dams in the south west have redfin perch, marron and some have trout but getting hard to find them. There are some awesome 4x4 and camping spots around all these areas to.   

Im pretty sure both north and south Dandalup dams are restricted to recreation due to drinking water sceme and have heard of big fines if in the wrong areas so be carefull.

Hope this help you mate enjoy it 




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Tue, 2013-02-12 15:34

Welcome to the site mate. Plenty of options down that way but the Dandalup dams are closed to fishing and most access is denied too, Thanks to our great Water Corp . Its sad that they can still use old ByLaws to lock out the public from these great areas.

Jump onto the fisheries site and go to Fresh water licences, all the info is there for what dams and river are open during the season, and it lists the water ways that are open all year.

It apears now fisheries don't list the closed dams on the pamplet anymore and you need to visit the Water Corp's site to get a list of closed areas .

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Cheers for the info guys

Tue, 2013-02-12 18:54

Cheers for the info guys already got my SW frehwater license. It sucks how the dams are shut off to fishing i reckon it would be a gold mine in them. Gonna give the Murray a crack later this week around Ravenswood, hopefully I can find a couple of good spots. Do any of you guys have any tips on what to use live baits, lures etc. Haven't been fresh water fishin since livin over east years ago.


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Somebody correct me if I'm

Tue, 2013-02-12 20:41

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but not sure how fresh the Murray would be that close to the Mandurah estury as opposed to up in the hills but would most likely be a few black bream there in which I would recommend a running sinker rig with river prawns or even pealed coral praws cut into pieces. 

As for up in the hills Live Baits: Minnows, worms, bugs etc.

Lures work just as well for some, not so much for myself haha.

Good luck with it man let us know how it goes




 All work and no fishing makes me a dull boy!!!!!!!!