Mixed bag from today

 Was down at the beach nice and early with no wind and an incoming tide. Got a few I normally wouldn't keep but after swallowing the hook were bleeding bad. Lost a couple of good sharks (1 of which was a 5 foot hammer hooked in 3 foot of water) due to I think old braid that had been on the reel for way too long . Now replaced . All up had a great 4 hour session withseveral other fish released.


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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 Nice feed there that's for

Sat, 2021-08-21 22:27

 Nice feed there that's for sure 



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 living the dream

Sun, 2021-08-22 11:06

 living the dream

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 Nice going Russ!

Mon, 2021-08-23 16:59

 Nice going Russ!