Molding yr own Jigs

I'm set up to mold my own sinkers, but were thinking of giving some butterfly jigs a go. Thinking of using some of the DO-IT Mold blanks & getting a machining/die shop to machine the molds based on some good metal jig patterns, particularly some I used in the 80's that are out of production now & some of my own designs.   

Trying to work out whether the Jigs are poured from straight lead or an alloy. Any help appreciated.




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Wed, 2008-08-06 14:55

check Big Johns photo gallery,page 2,these are all made of lead and work an absoulute treat.
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Wed, 2008-08-06 17:33

im goin to make up some jigs out of stainless bar or plate ,knife stickbait type see how they go,holographic tape is easy to get

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Thanks - looking at making

Wed, 2008-08-06 18:22

Thanks - looking at making the vertical jigs rather than the leadheads. If anyone is doing leadheads the Do-It molds are great.

If it works out I can probably make butterly/knife jigs for $3-$5 - and have the pleasure of knowing you caught a fish with yr own designs. @ $20+ off the shelf it makes good sense to me to give it a go, as set up costs at a couple of hundred $ is only 10 Jigs.  Weighting is pretty important with them, so interested in the metallurgical side & whether I'd need to experiment with alloys or use straight lead.

I still have a few of the old 80's Jigs such as the Coffins/Assassins that worked well but too scared to use now as I don't want to lose the last ones. So manufacturing some would put me back in business. 

I'm sure the stainless bar will work. I still have some older chrome hexagonal pencil lures that have caught a heap of fish on.