murray bream today, dose this happen often

found a new spot today upsteam from murray bend which required some effott to get to (thanks near maps)

any way i saw some surface action and assumed they were sea mullet but as i go closer i saw they were big bream they were feeding on those little locus things that tick it was just like whatching trout rising to micro midges on a dam but with a lot more aggresion i managed to land one of about 35cm on  cheap gladiator flitter stick bait

i am thinking this may be spawning behavior slick the snapper in the sound as their were some big bream in their easly high 40s or could it be the fish were just taking advantage of a easy feed


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Sun, 2010-11-14 18:28

One old trick shown to me years back is to find a snag near a peppermint tree overhanging the water. Grab a hand full of a branch and give it a mighty shake or three. Ants love to live in peppy trees and by shaking it causes them to drop in the water proving you with burley.