Navionics vs cmap

 Hi guys. 
have just got a lowrance live HD's 12 unit. Any suggestions as to whether to go the cmap or navionics chip? Dealer forgot to it it in!



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Wed, 2020-03-25 17:00

But be reminded that it is a subscription after 12mths i think.
Not sure about c-maps,but Navionics have all the details that you could need.
Also watch that you dont put all you spots on the Net when you update it they grab all your info off the unit for there use,in settings dont share.

Found out the hard way,


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HDS Live

Wed, 2020-03-25 20:14


I have 2 HDS Live units on my boat and run Navionics

If you want to download any updates after 12 months there is a fee involved, so depending on where you fish may not be overly important.