new Furuno troubles

 Hi all chasing info on Furuno Nav Net  tzt 2 12inch . I have recently upgraded to tzt2 as i had a accident with my NAV NET VX2 . Im running with a furuno 50/200 1t  transducer which feeds to a mb1100 unit then goes across to a DFF1 BLACK BOX which 

eventually sends info to the tzt2 via a ethernet cable . The ethernet cable is now outdated and needs a cross over cable which i cannot find online .So ive unplugged the DFF1 and plugged the mb1100 straight into the back of the tzt2 .Using this last Saturday i could not get a decent picture even with full gain 10 on high freq. My operation manual says they are compatable but im having no luck ,any help would be appreciated.




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Fri, 2019-03-08 09:14


The TZ2 is 1kw so you should be able to plug the mb1100 straight into it without the need of the DFF1.

Should be able to use any ethernet cable as well. The TZ should identify if it is a cross over or not but as above not really needed.

Did you set it up with the correct transducer in the settings?

Has the mb1100 been rewired or is it set up as before when you had it working?

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Fri, 2019-03-08 11:04

 i did try a ethernet cable from jb hi fi but it has a different wiring configuration as only 4 wires are used on the old cable and up to 8 on the new one .So dont know if is reading .

did go into settings and select the 1t tranny .

the mb1100 was not touched or added to from before. 

Maybe i just dont know how to set TZ2 up that well and believe me ive tried the pics from my VX2 were as good as any FCV-295 ive ever seen .Its just so frustrating ....

thanks in advance Tim