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Hey all,
planning a spring trip to NZ driving from the bottom of the south all the way to the top of the North island, just wondering does every river and stream hold trout?
I plan to have a rod and just stop at every river I pass for a few flicks of a spinner(family trip, not hard-core fishing).
I assume most rivers will have fish, just wondering if anyone has done this kind of thing and how they went?
Anything other than trout in freshwater as well ?

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Virtually all do

Sat, 2017-09-23 14:45

But remember that the South Island has that terrible algae issue in its rivers......make sure you discard any line or braid and thoroughly clean your footwear.....don't bring the bloody stuff back to Oz.  The canals on the Desert Road hold truly massive fish that can be targeted on soft plastics for the non-purist  

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Sat, 2017-09-23 16:04

 Hi sunshine 

I am currently in South Island New Zealand in Queenstown and my next spot is Dunedin is that desert rd in Dunedin? 


I haven't been lucky enough to have a fish yet but l have seen a lot of people fishing around twizel's lakes. If you are fishing freshwater you will need a licence. Also l dont think you can bring waders into the country so just be careful. In Queenstown there is heaps of charters around that seem to be catching a lot of chinook salmon at the moment.

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 Desert Rd is smack in the

Sat, 2017-09-23 19:37

 Desert Rd is smack in the middle of the North Island, near Mt Ruapehu


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small rapalas

Sat, 2017-09-23 17:17

 my mate over there uses rapalas, buy a 3 lure trout pack   the soft plastics are good in the canals around Twizel - some massive trout,  have fun it is a fantastic country   cheers ACE

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North Island.....Desert Road between Taupo and Wellington

Sat, 2017-09-23 19:25

 Runs past the volcano Ruapayhu probably spelt wrongly the Tarongariro above the lake, fabulous place with unstoppable fish, we engaged a guide and worth every cent even though I never actually beached anything I hooked fish well over 4kg in rapid water....

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 Jmac.... I've spent lotsa

Sat, 2017-10-14 07:07



I've spent lotsa time over there over the years both working and wandering about the place, if you haven't been be prepared for a bloody amazing experience in a truely awsome part of the world.


Try and get off the beaten track, be careful of the rules and regs as it is a seasonal thing how they regulate how you fish in a lot of places.


Ideally you want boots you dont mind getting wet and walk the banks of the rivers but that will mean you'll be getting wet as you'll have to navigate around fallen timber as the banks of the rivers can be way to steep to climb and get around on.


I'm not sure if you have had a look at any maps but i can assure you you wont be fishing every river you pass by.


Catching a fish is a bonus, fishing the back country rivers is bloody incredible thing to do.


Lots of the small lakes hold lots of fish, usually the size is down a bit, try buying the imitation roe ( orange ball of fluff ) type fly and fish them under a flaot in the lakes, you should hook plenty like that.


If you want good info just ask those in the area you are in but try and avoid the commercial route for the best experiences away from the everyone with sheep type mentality - oops yeah you saw what i did there....


Anyway enjoy it, i'm jealous it is somewhere i could easily live....


While you are passing by, hit the louge up at Rotarua for some fun....



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good info here, we're

Sat, 2017-10-14 09:01

good info here, we're planning on putting our motorhome onto a ship to take it over there late next year, spend 6 months or so looking around.