Newcomer introduction & seek for tips to get started in WA

Hi all,

A bloke originally from Finland here. Have spent last 10+ years all over the world but recently returned to Australia, this time around to WA. Been reading the forum with interest and look forward for posting pictures of trouts soon :)

I've spent a couple of weekends at Collie River and managed to spot quite a few good sized trouts and reddies but failed to catch any. Colllie tends to get quite crowded so was wondering what other rivers could you good people of the forum recommend? I've read Buz's reports from Warren River that looks thrilling. Any other rivers / locations - possibly anything a bit closer to Perth - one should check?

Will also be heading to Albany soon. Any hints for river/lake/shorebased ocean fishing there?

Thanks for the tips and apologies for asking so many questions. I hope to get more familiar with the environment soon so that I can contribute more and ask less.

-- Shark Finn

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welcome to the site sharkfin

Wed, 2009-03-04 11:06

the Warren does hold good fish, a mate got 30 plus fish the other weekend, lots at 105kg on lures and soft plastics.

Albany has good bream fishing around the area and associated rivers. plenty of rock fishing options but the ocean has claimed many lives so be very careful. the salmon should be around and plenty of beach options. the locals on this site will help I am sure.

we catch bream out of the collie river here in Bunbury but never trout fished. I used to do that over east as a kid but not presently.

not sure WA trout fishing will stack up to Finish standards but it just good to be out on the river.

feel free to PM if you require furhter asssitance and welcome to Australia.





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Thanks! I agree, it is great

Wed, 2009-03-04 11:48


I agree, it is great to be out there on the river, but for change it would be nice to also catch something. The countryside around Perth is stunning, so just being out there is great fun but the elusive trouts are yet to hear from me.

Actually, I don't fish trout commonly in Finland. Couldn't be bothered heading to the North for the rivers. I grew up in the lake district where it's so much easier to just hop on a boat and in five minutes you are in action. And given that I live overseas, don't want to waste my short holidays in Finland by sitting in a car for days. The lakes are big - this one is 200km long and up to 100m deep so there's quite a bit of variety.

Angling in the lakes we mostly catch pikes, pikeperch and redfins. There are also some trout and salmon. With nets we mostly target whitefish but also catch an occassional burbot and more pikes, perch and pikeperch. Pike is the most common, every damn place is full of little pikes that strike on anything. The big ones give you a good fight, though. Pikeperch is great eating but not such an exciting catch, fights back like a woollen sock.

Oh well, hope I can talk about the WA trouts instead of Finnish pikes soon. 

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Try the Dams around Waroona

Wed, 2009-03-04 11:49

Some really great fishing around the dams down that way and an easy day trip from Perth. Great spot for fly fishing and casting lures. No bait fishing allowed. Plenty of good Redfin there also. Further south to the Harvey wier is great country also.

Cheers, Vince


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Welcome SharkFinn

Wed, 2009-03-04 12:14

If you are heading down south you should take some beach gear and chase the Australian salmon that will soon be running in big schools from Albany. They are great fun to catch on light gear. There are a lot of other fishing options down that way.

Make sure you check it out


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