Ningaloo Station/Reef Flats Fishing

Hi all! sorry about the huge post!

I am new to this forum so forgive me if I come across inexperienced, its because I sort of am.

Anyways, I am driving up to Ningaloo from Perth on the 31st Januray for 4 nights and heading to Ningaloo Station most likely camping at Winderabandi Point. I will be only SHORE and BEACH FISHING as my friend and I do not own a boat or can get access to use one for the duration of the trip. So I will be doing all reef flats/beach fishing and some snorkelling with a gidgee (spear).

I am aware summer is an extremely windy and hot time of year up that way (I've lived up north previously), my main concern is that I might be unsuccessful with fishing on the flats or the beach/shore due to knowledge of fishing. I have two main rods (Shimano 7ft 3-7kg and an Ugly Stick 7'2 8-12kg) both equiped with decent reels that are graded to the rod strength etc, I'll aslo be bringing a few lighter rods to catch smaller fish for bait etc.. and probably my 11fter for something big if i get bored at night.

Currently have around about 30-40 lures ranging from small whiting lures to massive 30cm poppers (which are staying) I will be purchasing more softies and minnows and other lures needed for the variety of fish up there.

Advice with lure selection on fish type would be great..also some advice or pointers in trying to land some decent fish from the reef/flats or even the sandy parts of Winderabandi Point.

AND if there is also a primarily good camp site for fishing on Ningaloo Station, please let me know! as I am prepared to go where the fish are.




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Fri, 2019-01-04 07:49

 We only fish 3 inch plastics from the shore with 5/8 ounce heads over the reef and weed on the run in tide for our spangleds and trevally

Any of the bays and tracks to the north of wb through the gate are the go up towards Yardie creek and make sure you check where you can spear up there as there are special zones


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From memory when I stayed

Fri, 2019-01-04 21:29

From memory when I stayed there 5 years ago, people catch spangos near / on the reef to the north of winderabandi point on high tide on bait. Probably casting out with a float would help with snagging if the wind favours.

we had some decent success spinning with 30-50g halco twisties from shore down near Jane’s Bay. You’ll need to get a key from the caretaker to get into this area on your way through but worth the drive for beach fishing. Best fish we got was ~10kg Golden trevally which goes hard off the beach! But with this style of fishing you’ve just gotta cast as much as you can and not stay in same place too long.  PM me if you want exact locations and I can send through

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Whoops I missed the part

Fri, 2019-01-04 21:33

Whoops I missed the part about camping.. for land based I’ve stayed at Jane Bay (southern most camp area) before which I think is one of the better land based areas (and not as good for boating due to sanctuary zones). Over the week we got Trevally, queenfish, small mackerel etc spinning but I think if you did some bait fishing at right time of day/tides you could pick up some spangled emperor