Novara Boat ramp

Just a heads up good people, be aware there are problems at the Novara boat ramp at the moment,
Firstly the ramp has about 30cm of weed on the concrete ramp, if you do not have a 4x4 do not attempt to launch from there as you will most certainly end up bogged.
secondly the most eastern ramp can't be used due to a 16ft glass boat being sunk about 3/4 of the way out along the finger jetty. The only part of the boat visible is the coming of the bow, from what I have been told it has been there for about a fortnight I can't see any holes in the hull and it appears that everything that can be ratted from the boat has been except the motor which is an old johno I think. I find it a bit strange that the motor hasn't been taken as all other bit and pieces have.

I'd defiantly give this ramp a miss until the weed is removed.