Greenies will have a field day with this leaking fuel into the marina 

Not good at all. Feel sorry for the guy 


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 They'll have a field day

Thu, 2021-06-03 13:02

 They'll have a field day alright and with very good reason.


I'm struggling to see any positives and absolutely don't feel sorry for the muppet that can't operate a vehicle correctly... failed handbrake or not he could of left it in gear. I hope they fine him, make him pay for the clean up and revoke his skippers ticket while they're at it. 

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  Insurance job? 

Thu, 2021-06-03 13:08

  Insurance job? 

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That Navara is totally

Thu, 2021-06-03 13:48

That Navara is totally underpowered to pull that boat out lol

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 Bit harsh blokes... like no

Thu, 2021-06-03 14:00

 Bit harsh blokes... like no one here has ever made a mistake or had a car accident.

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Could have been a hand break

Thu, 2021-06-03 14:41

Could have been a hand break fail but I doubt it giving the year of car ...I always leave mine running with hand break on which I'm guessing now is a no no...lol

There's a page on FB called boat Fails....most from the States, fuk me they are the dumbest fuks to ever own a boat, although this bloke doesnt help our case.

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 Ha ha yep been scrolling

Thu, 2021-06-03 14:55

 Ha ha yep been scrolling that, pure Fwits.


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 The number of boat I've seen

Thu, 2021-06-03 16:23

 The number of boat I've seen high and dry coz dimwit owners don't understand just because there's water there doesn't mean it's deep enough for your 38ft center console you bought yesterday and have no idea how to drive safely


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Shit happens, no ones

Thu, 2021-06-03 17:23

Shit happens, no ones perfect. Probably had the missus in his ear. No kid in the back luckily. Still a dumbarse tho! 


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