paint stripping

Hi All

i`ve just bought an old 5m quintrex centre console that has been painted a few times in it`s life and needs another going over.

just after some ideas of the best way to strip all the paint off if anyone has done it before.

when i get around to doing it (won`t be until winter) i`ll post up some before and after pics.



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I just used paint stripper

Tue, 2013-01-29 22:07

I just used paint stripper layed thick in sections ...put gladwrap over it to delay it drying out too quickly ..worked well most came off ...with the fiddly bits I bought some wheel and brush drill attachments from bunnings,  non metal but can't remember what they were called ..but I was leaving mine bear so didn't want swirl marks with sandpaper in the grinder...soda blasting would be the go but be fairly exy I think...


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