Paintless dent removal

Can anyone suggest an excellent operator North of River, cheers Pete.

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Mon, 2019-10-21 10:25

Try this mob. Heard good things



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Has Twiggy Forrest Made a Start on Lighthouse at Exmouth

Sat, 2019-11-16 14:29

 Hi all,

We are cominig over to Exmouth end of the Easter break 2020 for 10 weeks. (Its great to finally be retired, before I kick the bucket.).

I know the park was to closed from October 1st. Just wondering if he has made headway.

Towing the van these days with a new SeaJay Nomad HS 3.85m with welded in rod holders. Ordered for delivery early in the new year. ( made my own Aluminium fully welded rear self loader inner frame with 3000lb electric 12v winch up front, with Rhino backbone base, on top of the truck.)  Thats another long story.

I wish I could bring my platety instead. Got to look after both D wife as well as myself.I hate getting old.

Regards Jim.