Peaceful Bay Offshore Report

There was some pretty good weather down south last week which gave a few boats the opportunites to get out.


Reports are that the dhuies are in close and seem to be aggregating - a couple of dhuie double headers being the story of the day, with most fish being in the 6-8kg range. Good bycatches of queen snapper and nannygai are also reported and big schools of salmon are just off the coastline. Look foward to easter, can't wait to get south!!!


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Wed, 2006-03-15 13:38

The salmon at the moment are all sitting off the coast down at Albany and haven't passed through the professional camps at Denmark-Walpole yet. Bruiser was down there for the last 2 weeks speaking to a few of the local pro's and its still very quiet and all the offshore fisho's are spotting them on the way out deep. Sounds like they will still be a while before hitting the metropolitan. Good thing is he is going back down for the next 3 weeks leading up to easter, so we will know when they move through the area. Could be a bonanza easter of salmon if things play out right.

Easter Dates - 15-17th April.


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Hmmmmm, my secret location

Thu, 2006-03-16 06:35

Hmmmmm, my secret location of PB is obviously no longer a secret! Beautiful place, love it. Especially the no mobile phone coverage. And when you are there, it is customary to visit the Denmark butcher to load up on cow, does a great job.

Have teed up with my mate to crash at his place there over Easter, but Im not sure if I will be moving into my new factory that weekend or not. Stupid builders messing with my timetables......