Photo of March 07 Winner - Mitta's Mulloway

A delayed photo of the month competition as I've only just got my internet at home. A wide variety of species caught from land, shorebased, boat, shallow water, jig, overseas and interstate. Vote for who you think deserves to be the winner for their effort and the photo that best represents it. :)


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Awesome field to choose from

Mon, 2007-04-02 15:24

I think if Mitta's Mulla wasn't in this comp it would be anyones game. That is a special fish from the beach and one we would all love to catch. Notably that fish was kept and eaten, with 24 others released, a great story and great pic.

Its not too late for the others to win so get your votes in now.

All fantastic fish and some really good camera work too. Congratulations to all.


Andy Mac



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Its hard alright, heaps and

Mon, 2007-04-02 15:57

Its hard alright, heaps and heaps of good fish every month.

Keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight!

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Winner - Photo of the Month

Sun, 2007-04-08 11:47

March's photo competition was a short one due to my internet absence. With a large percentage of the votes Mitta's Mulloway was the winner. Please contact me via PM for your prize.

This in no way takes away from the other entrants captures, which are brilliant in their own right. Congratulations to all and get your entries in for April's competition which starts soon.



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Well done mitta, that mulla

Sun, 2007-04-08 20:21

Well done mitta, that mulla definately deserved the win.

Jay Burgess