Pink Snapper

Last night went out with Bundy a bit of a breaming nut....found some
very angry pinkies in 10m of water....ended up with 4
....very happy with the amount of fish out there at the moment,
considering crap tide, crap moon and a glass off night.....

[img_assist|fid=17605|thumb=0|alt=Bundy's Pinkie]

[img_assist|fid=17608|thumb=0|alt=Angry pink snapper]

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Geez, your doin well on

Tue, 2006-03-21 10:41

Geez, your doin well on pinkies lately Salmo.......
Did ya get em on the sp's again?

I bought a beaut little h/land z from your mate Bundy a little while ago..(dunno why i added that last thought, oh well, it was interesting to me at least....hehehe)