Please ,can someone help out the growing number of first time jiggers

 I know this has been suggested before but it would be so helpfully and apreciated if somebody could post up some footage showing the different techniques for working metals for demersals. That post Kasey put up a while back showing how to tie your own assists was very helpful. I have all the right gear but don't seem to be having as much success as you hear others do, I know there are a lot of variables to this ,I'm still trying to learn how to use my sounder and understand what it is showing,so I know this can also contribute. I was thinking about going to one of those Tacklehq tutorial days to learn from some of the more experienced fishes. Catching demersals on metals is addictive when you experience some success. Went out yesterday ,the misses was pulling up fish on bait on a regular basis and I barley had a touch any advice on the any of the above topics would be muchly apreciated.

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Best advice is Don't take

Sun, 2012-05-27 08:20

Best advice is Don't take kidding. If someone else is using bait, it tends to detract from the success of jigs. If you were a fish, would you be more interested in a nice bit of occy or a chunk of colored lead?

Secondly, having bait on board is too great a temptation to go off the jigs and onto bait. The key to jigs is persistence. This can not be emphasized enough. You may need 100 drops of the jig per fish, that is the reality. Bait is much easier, jigging is hard work but well worth the effort. A big mistake people make when they see all the nuggets post uP good fish is that it is easy. Most of the jitters spend many long hours on the water, and there are still days which result in little other than a few bakers.

Technique is important, but can be secondary to jig type, location, timing (tide) and persistence.


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bluewater tackle

Sun, 2012-05-27 08:27

 bluewater tackle in morley are having an info nite on thursday,im thinking of going to it because im new to it ,i have tried a few jigs and ended up with wrasse,that have been later chopped up as bait to save my day,last time i went out i did catch a 45cm dhuie,which was released to fight another day,that was caught on a pirate jig

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Come up to Jurien mate ,book

Sun, 2012-05-27 08:33

Come up to Jurien mate ,book a day out and I will show you how to jig demersals, we have caught over 1000 fish on jig since 15th Dec,


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yer I wanna get there again

Sun, 2012-05-27 08:42

yer I wanna get there again before the ban.

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A day with whitey well

Sun, 2012-05-27 09:41

A day with whitey well recommended.


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 Definately head up to Jurien

Sun, 2012-05-27 10:10

 Definately head up to Jurien to fish with Whitey. Demersals up that way go crazy for jigs. Great way to practice and build confidence.


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Always helps to get out there

Sun, 2012-05-27 11:02

Always helps to get out there and see other people doing it. Even if you didnt learn anything about jigging on whiteys charter (which is impossible), you'd still have an awesome trip.

I've posted up tips several times before, but they tend to get lost in the depths of the posts. It would be good to have something on the right, perhaps under fishwrecked reeltime, like the fishwreckapedia that covers such things. We can then link to various helpful posts such as choosing gear, setting up leaders, rigging, jigs, techniques, etc.

If there were people who wanted it, I would be happy to help out, or help out creating some videos that would be useful (behind or in front of the camera, but I have no idea who would want the second!). Might do up some assist rigging videos actually. Could even get some underwater videos of jigs moving with a bit of effort!


Anyways, two quick tips:

1. Always check the action of new jigs in the water (in the pool or at the boat). Try different twitches and actions and see how that imparts action on the jig. I have one jig that works 3 different ways for example. Generally I prefer sharp jerks then a drop and pick up the slack, but I also like a "jangle-twitch" motion where you twitch the rod tip while winding in slowly (but alternating pausing so its randomish).

2. If you can find somewhere with lots of fish your skills will improve very rapidly. A hell of a lot easier said than done! Can be just sargeant bakers, wrasse skippy or small sambos though. I've had lots of sessions at the abrolhos where you can just catch fish after fish after fish. It means you can try different retreives and there will always be a fish around to eat it when you do it right. You're confidence builds quickly, and you remember what works because it was 10 min ago, not 10 months ago :p. When you've over fairly barren ground, it can be difficult to know if the jig is not working, or if there are just arent any fish.

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Don't know about anyone else

Sun, 2012-05-27 11:56

 But due to the increase in popularity in fishing with jigs I would be surprised if you posted a video on the how to of jig fishin g that it would not be viewed by sure there a lot of people out there that just don't ask questions for the risk of sounding stupid,it is a growing craze and I'm sure it will continue. I will definitely head up to jurien for a fish with whitey but would prefer to head up with some other fishos if possible.

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i would watch a how to jig

Sun, 2012-05-27 12:24

i would watch a how to jig video, i live up in Port Hedland and want to get into demersal jigging but cant see myself travelling 1500km (one way) to get on a charter boat for the day to get a few tips