Point Grey

Not sure if this has been directly discussed on here before, I'm sure it probably has but I cannot seem to search for it. Whilst I'm no expert on the estuaries and, have no idea what the estuary systems were like 30-40-50 or, 100 years ago, I do live on them ( been down this way 20 odd years) and love them and am interested to hear peoples opinions about why they think the Point Grey development will be a bad thing. Now before you dust off your soap boxes, climb on them and start hollering from a great height I would ask you to consider a few personal observations. 

Am I correct in saying the Dawesville Cut was the engineering project that saved the flora and fauna populations within the estuary systems from hypereutrophic disaster? I note in recent discussions and comments that some proponents against the proposed development claim that the dredging and development will stir up old sediment etc that will potentially destroy crab and fish populations. Is this really a possibility given that the system is now well flushed by tidal movements, thanks to the "Cut"? Did the construction of the Cut stir up sediment and destroy these same populations (from most accounts they were in trouble already)? 

Now, I confess I know nothing about the Yunderup canal developments but, I am intimate with the Mandurah (Halls Head, Waterside etc..) canal developments and I have to say that these waters must be some of the healthiest anywhere. Having the ability to watch dolphin pods, see huge schools of mullet, catch crabs, flounder, enormous bream, juvenile pinkies, cobler, mulloway (these are species I have seen personally) and god know what else is in there, direct from the canal walls tells me that these canals have only enhanced the aquatic environment.

So, with all that said, and with the assistance of some hostoric evidence on the seeming enhancements that developments since the Eighties have acheived, please offer the forum some measured comments on why we think Point Grey may degrade (or otherwise) the environment

Please try to avoid the rich chinese or privileged few arguments, if we can and focus on the environmental debate.

Look forward to the discussion