Quick Midwest bash

 First Demersal bash for the year on Saturday . Quiet but persevered for nice bag, kills me releasing Blackarse when you know that there cactus, would be good if fisheries could put a bycatch into the limit for Read throats, Blackarse and the like.

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 Great bag there, well done!

Sun, 2018-02-04 20:55

 Great bag there, well done!

Best bet with the smaller black ass, redthroat and underside dhuies and picks etc, is to just wind up nice and slow once you realise it’s a small/undersized fish. Keep an eye over board and as soon as you see colour then pause for a minute or so and then wind them in. When you do this it makes the fish come up in good nick and not blown out stomachs and eyes, so they release much easier. It is time consuming and can get annoying, but seeing them swim off strong nearly every time makes it worth while

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Agree with you 100%

Sun, 2018-02-04 21:21

Unfortunately, it is very frustrating doing this only to see a tax collector come up and take half of the fish you are trying hard to allow to grow to a bigger size.

But, I'll still do it as you have to try something and I don't know of anything better to try at the moment

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Nice Bag

Mon, 2018-02-05 05:32

 Particularly like that big headed Baldie. Love getting them that size as they are so thick.

I have been doing the slow retreive for years now, off Perth so few tax men, and it works a treat even with Dhu's. I use coloured braid and try to really slow down at the 10m mark. Watch the mad scramble of your mates when that 30cm Dhu does come into sight and there is a couple big Sambo's shadowing it up.. Lol  I think the Sambo's know the Dhu will regurgitate it's lunch soon and they want the free feed.


 Sometimes when the water is quiet, you can hear the fish laughing at you !

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I’m so jealous. Well done :)

Mon, 2018-02-05 14:56

I’m so jealous. Well done :)