Few Pics from Saturday Two Rocks

 Been a long Summer not been able to get out much with the winds and commitments but there were some great conditions all morning Saturday sitting on 30knots plus to get to various spots.

Picked up a great feed with a couple of Dhu's and released some aswell. Nice size black ass.

With a baldie and couple of sharks. Great feed that evening to feed 3 families and some left over for the freezer. 

Happy Days


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You have goit to be happy with that haul

Mon, 2018-02-05 11:23

Well done on filling the creel some great feeds there

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Mon, 2018-02-05 14:14

 How do you rate the whiskerys? I tried the last one I caught and didn’t really rate it.

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I have found them pretty good

Mon, 2018-02-05 15:56

 Hi mate


I have found them pretty good but I have only tried them a couple of times. I hadnt had alot of experience with shark before but I believe it all comes down to the process after

you catch them, which a mate showed me last time I went out. He said they have alot of ammonia in them and you have to get it out/stop it getting into the flesh.

Which might help with the taste. Basically I just cut all the fins, and head off and cut through the tail bone straight after I have caught one. But there might be some more detail on here in the search engine.




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 One of the guys I fish with

Mon, 2018-02-05 20:25

 One of the guys I fish with says the important bit is getting the blood line out of the belly cavity up near the spine but interesting about the tail and fin removal. It can't hurt because those bits and used unless of course you are of the persuasion that fancies the fins in soup...


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 nice feed there, certainly

Mon, 2018-02-05 17:09

 nice feed there, certainly cant complain. with the sharks you need to bleed out straight away by cutting the tail through and of cause the head but most importantly gut it and remove the brown blood line that runs down the spine.

the sharks do taste great but for an even better taste freeze them when they thaw any other impurities will come out as well. one thing you might want to try also , dont wash off any fillets of any sort until your ready to cook it. any blood just wipe off not wash. tried all ways for shark and other fish but best taste is this way


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Thanks Russ

Mon, 2018-02-05 18:46

 Thanks Russ 

Appreciate the couple of pointers thanks mate


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Yes, never wash fillets, or chuck them in the bucket

Tue, 2018-02-06 06:23

 I learnt that a long time ago--with fish, the teaste is largely in the oils, and by washing you remove a lot of it. just think back to the old days when fillets would be thrown in the bucket of seawater--remember all that oil on the surface--there's your taste, washed away. Not hard to avoid getting the fillets "dirty"-bleed well then washblood off carcass before icing, chill down well, and, if any blood still comes out of the backbone, literally scrape it off. The odd stray scale floating around doesn't matter.