Quobba Help for July

Off to Quobba in July. Staying at the Station and havent been there before.

Looking for some info on what fishing gear (rod size/type/line etc) to take and any tips.

Will be bottom fishing and ballooning but not sure rod size etc to use and also terminal tackle needs (lures etc). Have balloned heaps and know dangers of rock fishing etc so just need help on required fishing gear . 

Have heard of the spots but wanting an idea of where you fish to balloon and bottom fish , good beaches and roughly how to get there and how long it takes to walk to them/difficulty in getting there (ie load back pack and climb, you can drive to spot and fish from back of car etc). 

 Any help appreciated plus any assistance in finding out where you can get a map of the place also.


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Happy, check their website,

Wed, 2009-02-25 18:21

Happy, check their website, quobba.com, some good info and maps there...tells you best places to balloon, spin and bottom bash. Also check back issues of wangler mag, good articles in them.

I'm going up with a mate in early may, going to be doing all three, depending on the wind etc. Fishing 15kg and 24kg overhead reels with 8' LBG rods for ballooning. Using 150lb windon leaders, 100lb wire, gangs of 8/0 tarpons or snelled 9/0 gamas with running 90cm helium balloons.

Spinning we will be using Daiwa Emblem pros with 9-10' graphite rods chucking spanyid metals, feather tail jigs, nilsmaster yellow bellies, halco max and laser pros, x-raps and other DD minows mixed in with a few plastics as well.

On the bottom just using our heavy beach rods with Spheros 14000 reels with rottom bottom rigs or suspended float jobbies...get some crabs for bait to try and nail some baldies!!

Take heaps of gear, premade rigs and fish heavy...except for spinning where you can button off a bit to be able to chuck the lighter lures. Dont forget you will need a cliff or flying gaff......or a bloody long handled one!!

Do a search on Steep point as well...pretty much same tackle needed for there.

Not sure of best spots, walk ins etc cos havent fished there yet but will let you know in may!

Hope this helps


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Thanks Woody

Thu, 2009-02-26 05:57

Have checked the site out and gives good map.


More wanting to know gear type that we need to use or people recommend. Dont hae a decent rod for rock hopping in 10ft range so would appreciate recommendations without spending a  fortune. Trying to decide between glass for durability vs graphite for comfort.alot of people tend to go for glass rods without fear of snapping (I fish with graphite on beach). 

Wouldnt mind some info on which of the spots on the map require walking etc etc  

Always takes heaps of gear and are very used to losing losing alot of rigs in a session . Also have all the gaffs etc ...... 


Look forward to hearing your report after you return.

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Graphite rod

Sat, 2009-03-21 20:14

Happy, you'll be able to get a mud map from the station. There are a couple of spots which are quite a hike, Garths & the Caves being a couple, very steep in places. It'll test your constitution especially if you have a few decent fish to carry back to the car.

Gear wise, Woody's on the right track but there are a couple of spots where slightly longer rods may be useful as the rock ledges below where you stand can be a little ways out. Not much beach fishing as Quobba is mostly rock & reef. If southerlies are blowing then you're best at Red Bluff as then the wind will be behind you. Line wise, 30lb mono main line is all you need unless you get a shark. For bottom of course braid is better, just up the breaking strain to allow for the lack of stretch.

You say you have gaffs but make sure a cliff gaff is one of them. High rock is too far to water for a pole gaff. 

I'm sure you'll have a great time. I always do at Quobba even when the weather's too bad. Mick Meecham used to let people shoot rabbits and goats but I don't know about now.


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Sun, 2009-03-22 13:47

Pretty sure no firearms are permitted on Quobba and Gnaraloo now.They make money from rounding up the goats for export

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cheers for the info

Mon, 2009-03-23 13:26


Pretty well set up with gear, tackle is the issue.  

The only shots ringing out will be the ones from the verandah fired from the bottle...... 


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Did you find a 10ft rod yet

Thu, 2009-04-09 21:50

Did you find a 10ft rod yet mate?

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Have a rod Woody

Wed, 2009-04-15 13:04

Just got back from easter break, up at Wagoe, bugger all easterly but swell up a bit.Got a picture on my phone from mate just now who staying a few extra days and he got a big spanish mack on the balloon and dropped a pinkie off the reef. 

All the action happens when you leave !!


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Proudly digging trenches and holes for soakwells and pipes for too many years to pay for my fishing trips.